Armour Con Registration Options

Below are the registration options for the 2019 convention season.


The Founders Club is something we are offering in the very first year of this convention and we are limiting the quantity to 10. Once they are gone, they are gone! Here is what you get: 

  • 3 day pass for the life of Armour Con. That means every year is paid for in advance!

  • You get an Armour Con Shirt for the current year.

  • We will have a Founders dinner at Ken's Steak House on Route 9 in Framingham Friday evening at 8pm.  Our convention team and all founders will be invited!  And all meals will be on us!

  • The first year each Founder will also get a swag bag with some great stuff inside as well.

  • We will also take your name, get your coat of arms, and put you on a plaque in which all founders will be displayed and mounted at the convention, and at our store afterwards for all to see!

 After that, you are good to know that you will never have to purchase another badge for Armour Con ever again! 

 Cost: $1,000.00