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Armour Con is looking for SPONSORS!

So, what does that mean? We will have two tiers of sponsors.


Examples include: Provide product support for the raffle, provide a Con only exclusive, or provide prize support.

Benefits: We will list your Logo on our Sponsors page and will discuss on a case by case basis what other benefits you could receive depending on the level of support. For example, a free table or room to run your events. Your Logo will also be a hyperlink to your Business Site, if you so choose.



This is all about PROMOTION! We want our name out there, and you can help! This can be any form of promotion of Armour Con. Whether it’s a sweet mention on your podcast, allowing us to leave fliers at your place of business, or routine promoting us on your social media business sites. We want to get people excited! Benefits: We will list your Company’s name on our Website on the Sponsors Page as a Supportive Sponsor of Armour con. If you have a website, we can make your Company’s name a hyperlink so that folks can easily navigate to your place of business.


If this sounds good for your business, and/or you have any questions, please reach out to us at ARMOURCON.NET@GMAIL.COM

Main Sponsors

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Support Sponsors


Paper Phoenix Ink

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